Established September 26th 2008

Vacation to California

I was looking back at the pictures I had taken while on vacation and realized I only took a few pictures, most from when we went to the San Diego Zoo. Here we are at the zoo with our cool shades on!

Max riding on an elephant! :)

Monkey Faces

The Panda bears were my favorite!

By the end of the day we were all exhausted as you can tell. Also notice that Breck has no pants on. Well on the way to the zoo he had a little accident which left his shorts stinky and wet all day!

We had such a fun time all week! Breck loved the zoo but loved the freezing cold ocean even more. He wanted to be in the water 24/7. He loved sitting on the beach and waiting for the waves to come and splash him in the face. He sure was a hand full but he makes things so much more fun!