Established September 26th 2008

"Potty" with Breck

So the funniest thing happened today that I couldn't resist the urge to share. So Breck is very fearful of toilets. He doesn't like to sit on them especially with the lid up. He freaks out every time, it's pretty funny to watch. I decided that I would prepare for the future by buying him his own "little" toilet so he can hopefully overcome his fear of toilets by the time he is ready to be potty trained. Over the past few days since we bought Breck his own little potty he has finally started to warm up to the idea the that toilets wont eat him up after all (well at least not the little plastic one). He likes to sit on his toilet (only for about a second) but he will not actually go potty it in. while shopping today Breck found something he just had to have. "BUZZ" he screams and starts freaking out and pointing toward a small packet of something with Buzz lightyear on the cover. For those who don't know Breck absolutely loves Toy Story 3. What is it you ask? Well the picture kind of gives it away. Buzz lightyear Underwear! I had to buy them, I figured it might give Breck incentive down the road when he is actually ready to become a big kid. Once we get home I open up Breck's new and very large underwear. Of course he wants to put them on but I told him not until he sits on the potty. He runs to his toilet and I help him undress and sit down. He sits about a half second more then normal then comes running to me to receive his prize. He looks so dang cute and grown up in his undies that I had to get a few pictures.
I couldn't get him to turn around for long enough to get a good picture of his backside so I told him to go sit on his potty again knowing that I would get a good picture since it always takes him a while to get the lid up. He gets the lid up fast this time but stays in that same position for a while to just play around a little bit which I am totally fine with because it gives me a chance to snag a quick picture. And this is where the trouble begins...Breck then starts spitting into his toilets. I of course get mad at him and tell him not to spit because It will get his new toilet all dirty. Little did I know It was already dirty and now so was his mouth! When He had sat on his potty just before he got his underwear prize he apparently peed into it. I didn't even notice i just assumed he didn't because he never has before. So while I was busy taking pictures of his Buzz underwear he was busy playing in his pee and drinking it too! Nasty! Now I feel bad that I got mad at him for spitting. Well I don't blame him for spitting I would too!
He did not want to take them off so I let him sleep in them (with a diaper underneath). Letting him wear his underwear was the least I could do!

lake powell

I love Lake Powell It's something I look forward to every year! With Breck being such a big boy now he likes to make things difficult for us so It was a little stressful with him at times but we still had a blast! It was so much fun just to hang out with our family and play all day in the sun!