Established September 26th 2008

"Potty" with Breck

So the funniest thing happened today that I couldn't resist the urge to share. So Breck is very fearful of toilets. He doesn't like to sit on them especially with the lid up. He freaks out every time, it's pretty funny to watch. I decided that I would prepare for the future by buying him his own "little" toilet so he can hopefully overcome his fear of toilets by the time he is ready to be potty trained. Over the past few days since we bought Breck his own little potty he has finally started to warm up to the idea the that toilets wont eat him up after all (well at least not the little plastic one). He likes to sit on his toilet (only for about a second) but he will not actually go potty it in. while shopping today Breck found something he just had to have. "BUZZ" he screams and starts freaking out and pointing toward a small packet of something with Buzz lightyear on the cover. For those who don't know Breck absolutely loves Toy Story 3. What is it you ask? Well the picture kind of gives it away. Buzz lightyear Underwear! I had to buy them, I figured it might give Breck incentive down the road when he is actually ready to become a big kid. Once we get home I open up Breck's new and very large underwear. Of course he wants to put them on but I told him not until he sits on the potty. He runs to his toilet and I help him undress and sit down. He sits about a half second more then normal then comes running to me to receive his prize. He looks so dang cute and grown up in his undies that I had to get a few pictures.
I couldn't get him to turn around for long enough to get a good picture of his backside so I told him to go sit on his potty again knowing that I would get a good picture since it always takes him a while to get the lid up. He gets the lid up fast this time but stays in that same position for a while to just play around a little bit which I am totally fine with because it gives me a chance to snag a quick picture. And this is where the trouble begins...Breck then starts spitting into his toilets. I of course get mad at him and tell him not to spit because It will get his new toilet all dirty. Little did I know It was already dirty and now so was his mouth! When He had sat on his potty just before he got his underwear prize he apparently peed into it. I didn't even notice i just assumed he didn't because he never has before. So while I was busy taking pictures of his Buzz underwear he was busy playing in his pee and drinking it too! Nasty! Now I feel bad that I got mad at him for spitting. Well I don't blame him for spitting I would too!
He did not want to take them off so I let him sleep in them (with a diaper underneath). Letting him wear his underwear was the least I could do!

lake powell

I love Lake Powell It's something I look forward to every year! With Breck being such a big boy now he likes to make things difficult for us so It was a little stressful with him at times but we still had a blast! It was so much fun just to hang out with our family and play all day in the sun!

Vacation to California

I was looking back at the pictures I had taken while on vacation and realized I only took a few pictures, most from when we went to the San Diego Zoo. Here we are at the zoo with our cool shades on!

Max riding on an elephant! :)

Monkey Faces

The Panda bears were my favorite!

By the end of the day we were all exhausted as you can tell. Also notice that Breck has no pants on. Well on the way to the zoo he had a little accident which left his shorts stinky and wet all day!

We had such a fun time all week! Breck loved the zoo but loved the freezing cold ocean even more. He wanted to be in the water 24/7. He loved sitting on the beach and waiting for the waves to come and splash him in the face. He sure was a hand full but he makes things so much more fun!

Spring living

Life has been a little crazy for us lately. It's been pretty good for the most part but it's mostly just been busy. A little bit before Easter Our life was filled with more stress then we would have liked. Nothing went just right it seemed like. We had one month that was just plain bad. First our water heater broke and flooded our basement. That was a big headache. We spent weeks on clean up and repairs. From cleaning up mold and carpet damage to painting and washing just about everything we own in our "junk room". Plus a lot of money went in to these repairs and buying a new water heater of course. Then I get a toothpick stuck in my foot somehow. I tried and tried to get it out by my self for two days and had no luck. It actually got pushed into my foot even deeper so I ended up having to go to the doctor to get it removed. On the way to the doctor I got pulled over for the first time since my senior year of high school and got a speeding ticket. Then that same week I had a horrible toothache that I just couldn't handle anymore so I went to the dentist and had two cavity's filled. There was an "emergency" that took the dentist away in the middle of getting my numbing shots and once he came back my mouth was not all the way numb so I had to get two more shots. This caused my mouth to be numb for the WHOLE day instead of the normal few hours. This was a big chunk of change as well I should have just waited out the pain and gone to Denver to my brother in law. Also it seemed that that month we got just about every bill we could possibly receive. It was stressful to say the least. We pushed through that crazy month. Once Easter came our luck seemed to change thankfully. Easter was so enjoyable. We got to spend time with our families. Summer gave her farewell talk and did wonderful. She is now in the MTC and leaves to Texas at the end of July. She will be an amazing missionary. After going to the farewell we went to my parents for dinner. Breck loved the Easter egg hunt and loved the candy even more. I took his candy away after a while because he was downing it but he somehow kept finding more. Every time I looked at him he was eating a new piece of candy. He acted as if his mother never let him eat sugar. Oh wait that's because I don't ha ha. Well not very often. Anyway it was a wonderful day! Since then things have still been very busy but not in a bad way like before. Breck has been learning so much lately. He can say almost any animal noise and know most all of his body parts. His newest favorite word is "gool" aka school. He's favorite show is "go go" aka Diego. We have been working on our yard forever it seems like but I'm so excited to say it's almost done. We have flowers planted and our grass is starting to finally grow in somewhat. Max did wonderful this semester in school as always and is now on to the summer semester and It looks like he will graduate sooner then we thought. He is helping out with farming the hay at the dairy and Loves it! He also is now working for world financial group. It's been hard work learning all of the business but he loves it and hopefully will be successful at being a financial planner. He takes his insurance test in a week! Once he passes his test he will officially be a financial planner! We are so excited for this new adventure. We felt like we needed something new or different in our lives and after much thought and prayer we decided that this is it! Max is so smart with this type of thing that I know he will do great. If you need help with your finances or need life insurance Max would be happy to help! We still love living in Layton other than the noisy Jets that fly all day. We love our ward and our calling especially. We teach the 16 year old Sunday school class. Breck is now 18 months and is loving nursery. I thought he would have separation problems but nope. Once he is in nursery he doesn't care one bit. He just cares about the toys and treats. He is so funny sometimes I just love him. He is also the most loving boy you will ever meet! He gives everyone hugs and kisses sometimes even strangers which I'm not a huge fan of that. Breck is what makes our family. He is the best thing that has ever happened to Max and I! We are so Blessed to have Breck and all other our other family as well!

Family picture day

We got yummy ice cream after pictures! Max and I got cake batter and Breck got green pineapple. Breck's was not very tasty but he sure loved it!

Family picture day

We had professional family pictures taken with Max's family last week! Getting pictures are always a little stressful but it went great and Breck did so good! He only cried once but that's because everyone was laughing at how cute his smile was ha ha! I hope they turn out good! Here are a few pictures we took with our own unprofessional camera!

Picky Eater

Everything about having a child is great except for one little thing. A child's eating habits. I always knew most children were pretty picky eaters. I thought they hate to eat there green veggies and lean chicken. Well if you think your child is a picky eater think again. I believe I win the contest of having the pickiest eater on my hands. A few months ago Breck was what I like to call a mild picky eater. He would eat hot dogs, peas, and bananas, and junk food of course. At the time I thought that was a picky eater. Well I was wrong! Now He wont eat anything. Oh and He loves to spit. Everything that goes in his mouth always comes spitting out. I always have to make sure I stand at least 5 feet away from the spraying machine at meal times.
So you are thinking now,"what the heck do you feed him?" I have figured out a way to get him to eat. Whatever he wont eat I just throw into a blender, add some fruit and call it a smoothie. Most of the time these smoothies consist of carrots, peas, eggs, turkey,black beans, yogurt, and fruit. Sound's pretty nasty I know but the sad thing is that's a good smoothie to Breck. Other times I just blend up what we had for dinner. So Breck drinks Chicken burrito smoothies, taco smoothies, etc. Why he wont eat a delicious burrito but will eat a blended up burrito smoothie makes no sense to me. I thought it might be because he still doesn't have many teeth but I don't think that could be the reason because a few months ago he would eat solid things all the time. Oh well I guess. It's fairly easy to make these smoothies but, I really don't want to have to keep feeding him this way because it can be annoying. I just wish he would eat what everyone else is eating so I don't have to bring him his own food if we go anywhere. Hopefully one day he will become a normal eater and eat what we humans like to eat!

The Message

Most of those who have known me for a long time know that I have never really enjoyed reading or writing much. As you can tell by my blog it is mostly filled with loads of photos and a very little amount of writing. As a child I struggled through school. Part of the reason was because I didn't have interest in reading or writing. Outside of the class room I avoided picking up any sort of book. Nothing ever really grabbed my interest. I was more into being active. playing with my friends, dancing, acting, and sleeping (even though this is the opposite of being active it was still something I loved to do and did often especially as a teenager). I got so bored just sitting still and reading. I have always been a pretty creative person. When I was a kid I had a great imagination. I made up many creative games to play. I even made up an imaginary friend named Kelly. We were adventure explorers and of course BFF for years (FYI this was when I was very young just so you know I'm not still that crazy)! But for some reason when there was a book in my hands my imagination button was switched to the off position. You know how when you read a book you picture what the characters look like, where they live, etc.. You can see life through their eyes, but YOU can have the opportunity to create what it looks like. Well I didn't understand how to do it. I thought that the only way that I can imagine something is if I made it up completely. I couldn't use other peoples words and base a picture off that. It's like I would start to picture what a character looked like. Tall, with long dark hair, and a big smile. Then the next paragraph tells me the character is short with blond hair, and a small jaw. I would get all confused because my picture didn't match up with the authors description. I easily got discouraged and gave up. From about age 6 to age 21 I read and finished a total of about 3 books. How I graduated and passed all of my english classes with that number of books read is still a mystery to me.
On my 21 birthday I got the book "Twilight" as a gift. When I got the present I was NOT overflowing with joy that is for sure. I heard from my friends that it was a great book but I was not a reader so I didn't have an urge to read it or anything else for that matter. I Couldn't be rude and not use this gift that was given to me. I knew I had to read it whether I liked it or not because I knew eventually the person who gave me the book would ask what I thought about it and whether I liked it or not. Unfortunately the book had not been made into a movie yet so I couldn't just watch the movie and pretend that I read the book. I was dreading the thought of having to read a book about vampires but I knew it had to be done. I opened up the book to chapter one and just stared at the page contemplating if I really needed to be polite to the person who gave me this book and actually read it. I decided that would be the kind thing to do. So I began to read. Chapter one alone took me about 3 months to finish. Once I got to about chapter 5 I realized that it wasn't such a bad book after all. I actually started to kind of enjoy it. Once I started enjoying the book I learned how the imagination part worked. I realized I still can use my imagination even if I was not the one creating the story. I then finished the second half of the book in about a week. Of course once I finished reading "Twilight" I just had to read "New moon". I officially became a team Edward fan and a reading fan. Since then I finished all of the Twilight books and still continued to read many other wonderful books. I now read about 2 or 3 books a month verses 3 books every 15 years. I would say that is a great improvement.
I would say that I love reading, well most reading. I don't like extremely long novels, biography, or boring things like the newspaper. I like books that are inspiring and uplifting. I do also love romantic novels. I would say they are my favorite.
The main reason why I am Writing this post is not to tell you my boring life story about reading. It is actually to tell you about a wonderful book I just finished reading. Its called "The Message" by Lance Richardson. It is not a romantic novel like I normally prefer. It is a true story about the authors experience he had when he was in a coma.(I guess that would make it somewhat of a biography but trust me its much better) This is a wonderful, uplifting and inspiring book about a man who dies and lives again to tell his story of what he saw while his body was in a comatose state. He was privileged to go to the spirit world. He shares some of his experiences and delivers to us a message that is most important. This is a must read for anyone who believes in God, or has had loved ones pass away, or who is in need of a spiritual boost, or who just wants something to read that will uplift them and make themselves feel warm and fuzzy inside. It's a very short book so It's easy for anyone to read. As silly as this sounds this book is one of the best books I have read in awhile because it has brought me more happiness and joy then I expected. It was so inspiring that it made me want to be a better person. Read this book and find out what the message is that is so important that this man was able live so he could share it with us all!

Just the three of us

After going without eating out for almost two weeks we treated ourselves to some yummy Olive Garden (our favorite). We were all so stuffed that we all just laid down and cuddled the rest of the night! I love these moments!

like father like son

It's a little scary how much Breck is like his daddy! Here are a few examples
Max was big into motocross in his teen years! Breck loves cars and had so much fun on this mechanical motorcycle at the mall
Both are scared of heights
Best milk men ever! Except Breck loves to drink milk unlike max! Who would have thought that a guy who grew up on a farm and is a milk man for a living doesn't like milk!
Breck just likes to copy his dad all the time! They are so cute together! I think I'm so luck to have them both!

Oop's mama did it again

When I am in a big hurry I tend to do crazy things. This is not the first time it has happened. In times past Breck neglected to let me know that I was making him look like a fool, but he has decided that enough is enough. This time he actually let me know his legs were being smashed before i got him buckled into the car!

New year new blog

With the year 2011 I'm making it a goal to update my blog more then once every other year! I hope you all enjoy!

Breck's newest favorite things to do

Playing with his food rather then eating it
Watching TV
Wearing other peoples shoes
Throwing other peoples shoes out of the closet ( well just mine)
Gathering everything he can find and throwing it on the other side of the gate ( yes including our wedding photo)

Our little family enjoying a warm winters day at the park!

Breck's favorite thing to do was looking for leaves to step on so he could hear them "crunch"