Established September 26th 2008

Family picture day

We got yummy ice cream after pictures! Max and I got cake batter and Breck got green pineapple. Breck's was not very tasty but he sure loved it!

Family picture day

We had professional family pictures taken with Max's family last week! Getting pictures are always a little stressful but it went great and Breck did so good! He only cried once but that's because everyone was laughing at how cute his smile was ha ha! I hope they turn out good! Here are a few pictures we took with our own unprofessional camera!

Picky Eater

Everything about having a child is great except for one little thing. A child's eating habits. I always knew most children were pretty picky eaters. I thought they hate to eat there green veggies and lean chicken. Well if you think your child is a picky eater think again. I believe I win the contest of having the pickiest eater on my hands. A few months ago Breck was what I like to call a mild picky eater. He would eat hot dogs, peas, and bananas, and junk food of course. At the time I thought that was a picky eater. Well I was wrong! Now He wont eat anything. Oh and He loves to spit. Everything that goes in his mouth always comes spitting out. I always have to make sure I stand at least 5 feet away from the spraying machine at meal times.
So you are thinking now,"what the heck do you feed him?" I have figured out a way to get him to eat. Whatever he wont eat I just throw into a blender, add some fruit and call it a smoothie. Most of the time these smoothies consist of carrots, peas, eggs, turkey,black beans, yogurt, and fruit. Sound's pretty nasty I know but the sad thing is that's a good smoothie to Breck. Other times I just blend up what we had for dinner. So Breck drinks Chicken burrito smoothies, taco smoothies, etc. Why he wont eat a delicious burrito but will eat a blended up burrito smoothie makes no sense to me. I thought it might be because he still doesn't have many teeth but I don't think that could be the reason because a few months ago he would eat solid things all the time. Oh well I guess. It's fairly easy to make these smoothies but, I really don't want to have to keep feeding him this way because it can be annoying. I just wish he would eat what everyone else is eating so I don't have to bring him his own food if we go anywhere. Hopefully one day he will become a normal eater and eat what we humans like to eat!